Oud Arabia 'Home Scenting' Gift Set

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The perfect gift combination for any home includes our luxury reed diffuser and a travel size candle in Oud Arabia.


Bringing a mysterious essence to to your home with this luxurious opulent scent; embodying core oud. Its shimmering, soulful hues meld together with the sweet and sharpness to embrace its oriental identity.


Inspired by the essence of the East, this Oud Arabia brought to you by Nuhr Home, is a dark and fragrant resin embedded scent. Heartwood being the source of the Oud. Sophisticated Eastern hues, elegantly blending western orient, fortified with bespoke notes of cedarwood, jasmine, rose, cyclamen, green citrus, floral balsam and melon undertones.


Bring the opulence and luxury of Arabia to your home with this fragrance.

The votive mini candle is made with refined luxury high quality waxes to achieve a long and even clean burn.


Reed Diffuser - 50ml

Votive candle - 70g

Scent Card