5 Pillars Board Game - Pillars Edition

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Reconnect with family and friends, learn more about the pillars of Islam, and have fun!

Loved by thousands of families across the globe thanks to our unique gameplay experience, the Pillars edition is a fun-filled way to rekindle your Islamic knowledge and create new memories to cherish with your loved ones. 


How do I play?


You'll get into two teams, select your level of difficulty for each pillar, and answer questions to be the first team to fill up all of the 5 Pillars: Iman, Salah, Zakah, Sawm, and Hajj.


Conquer all pillars across five difficulty levels before the other team to win!


How long is a game?


As long as you want! Play for a couple minutes or all night; we recommend playing until you have conquered all the pillars of Islam.


What's included:


750 Cards. That's 750 questions to keep you on your toes!

Game Board

50 Pillar Tiles

5 Pillar Tokens

Card Tray

Instruction Manual