Islamic Bricks - Kaaba Bricks 325 piece Kaaba building bricks

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The Kaaba model accurately reflects important details of the Kaaba, such as the interior pillars and the Black Stone in the eastern corner of the Kaaba. This attention to detail is great for spiking interest and wonder about Islamic knowledge, stories, and traditions.

The exterior of the Kaaba is made up different coloured pieces for the base, as well as black and yellow bricks representing the Kaaba walls, and a distinct piece for the Black Stone.


Our Kaaba model comes with 325 brick pieces and a step-by-step assembly guide

Mix fun and Islamic education using our Kaaba Bricks to build an accurate model representation of the Kaaba.


Suitable for all ages (4+). Especially great for young children to start or add to their Islamic toys collection.


Kaaba Building Blocks (325 Pieces)

Building Guide – 64 steps