Quran Projection Lamp crescent (moon) Speaker projector

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The Quran White Crescent Lamp creates an enchanting atmosphere in your bedroom, living room, or any other space, allowing you to bring unique visual stimulation and excitement to your home.

  • Full Quran audio including translation
  • Multi-sensory ‘lighting & learning
  • Projection lamp speaker
  • Translation in 16 languages
  • 16 world-renowned Qur’anic reciters
  • 2 hours of charge time for up to 10 hours of audio
  • 8 colour ambient mood lighting
  • App control functionality or remote control
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Allows individual surah and ayah selection with translation.
  • Allows word by word recitation and translation.

 The complimentary wireless remote and app allows you to interchange between the choice of world-renowned reciters and 14 language translations.

Quran Reciters Include

Qari Abdul Basit • Shaykh Sudai • Shaykh Afasy • Shaykh al Minshawi • Shaykh al Ajmy • Shaykh Mahir Muaqly • Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri • Shaykh Abdullah Matrood • Shaykh Abdullah Basfar • Shaykh Muhammad Jibril • Shaykh Muhammad Ayoub • Shaykh Husari • Shaykh Hudhaifi • Shaykh Ghamdi • Shaykh Minshawi •  Shaykh Shuraim • Shaykh Tablawi