Salati Kaaba Design Travel Prayer Mat Nusuki kaba

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Travel Prayer Mat - Salati Kaa'ba Design (Nusuki / Minwal)

Indulge in luxury with this travel-friendly prayer mat, featuring the iconic black Kaaba design and complete with a complimentary pouch!.

- Soft touch mat

- Travel friendly 

- easily foldable / portable

- Comes with zippapble pouch to store the prayer mat


- Size : 110*64 cm

- Weight: 500 g


  •  Made from high-quality, durable materials to withstand repeated use while traveling.
  •  Designed with warm and eye-pleasing colors, with shades of Black and gold dominating.
  •  Comes folded in a small, lightweight travel bag to facilitate carrying during mobility.
  • This rug provides you with a sense of comfort and spiritual tranquility while performing the prayer wherever you are.