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This 40 cm plush doll sings 10 complete Omar and Hana songs with vocal-only songs. Press my hands, feet and nose to hear me sing for over 15 minutes!

 As Salaamu Alaikum I’m Omar !

This 43 cm cute plush doll sings over 15 minutes of ten complete Omar and Hana songs without instruments. Press my hands, feet and nose to hear me sing the vocals!

Omar features over fifteen minutes of songs, with 5 songs on each level of content – slide the switch on the battery box to switch levels.

Omar sings these songs without instruments:

Track 1:


Press Right Hand As Salaamu Alaikum

Press Left Hand Bismillah

Press Nose Achoo, Al Hamdulillah song

Press Right Foot Dua’ before sleeping

Press Left Foot We love Mommy and Daddy

Track 2:


Press Right Hand – The Prophet’s my hero

Press Left Hand – Insha’Allah

Press Nose – Alif, ba, ta

Press Right Foot – Let us go to the masjid

Press Left Foot – Let’s get Gardening


See these songs and more on Omar & Hana’s YouTube Channel – along with over 1 million subscribers just like you!



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