Al-Fajia Azan & Tasbih Digital Counter handheld

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Key Features:

  • PORTABLE AZAN ClOCK - Portable Full Prayer Azan Athan clock for Uk and worldwide with 6000 Cities auto azan times with 1 high quality Azan sounds.
  • AUTHENTIC TASBIH/DIGITAL ROSARY - A gentle reminder of intention and mindfulness - signal the mind to stop and be aware of the present bliss or use as part of meditation practice and affirmations. With Statistical reading, automatic power off and the counter can be cleared to zero.
  • ROTATING PRAYER BEADS - This is the unique Tasbih counter as it comes with rotating prayer beads with digital counter. It still gives you the feel of an actual Tasbih with the beads rotating as you remember Allah.
  • EASY TO USE: Scroll count and low-noise operation. Just scroll down the thumb to start counting with the smooth roller.
  • PORTABLE: Mini sized counter is light weight, so it is very easy to carry and beautiful to hold and can be used for all kinds of meditation relaxation, decompression, active fingers, and so on.
  • ISLAMIC GIFT - The perfect gift for both men and women during Ramadan, Eid or year-round. The digital tasbih counter will feature natural prayer feel, making this a truly unique gift.

Technical Specifications:

WORLDWIDE PRAYER TIMES: Prayer Times Reminder, Prayer times for more than 6000 cities around the world, After changing the city, the counter will recalculate Athan Times automatically.

ATHAN SOUND: Athan Azan Sound Reminder, 

CALENDARS: Shows Hijri and Gregorian calendars.

PRAYER ALARMS: Auto Alert Prayer Time. Set Prayer Alarms.


Daylight Saving Time Setting: DST.

NEW CITY: Can Add new city if not listed in 6000 City auto selection.

ATHAN SAFETY TIME: If required Athan times can be adjusted forward or backwards by a fix number of minutes.


NEW TASBIH Digital Counter with Multiple Settings.

TASBIH ROSARY SETTING: 33/33/99/100 counting.


QIBLA DIRECTION: Qibla direction (relative to North) can be displayed.

QURAN BOOKMARK: Keep record of your Quran.

MULTI-LANGUAGE: English, and Arabic languages.

BACKLIGHT: LED with Backlight.



* Battery required